Call for Papers

The Workshop will feature oral and poster presentations on the science, history, and practice of uneven-aged silviculture. Topics will emphasize the science underlying uneven-aged silviculture within a context where ecosystems need to increase their adaptability to better face future uncertainties. This meeting also welcomes presentations associated to silvicultural treatments aimed to create or mantain complex forest structures and continous covers over long periods. Presenters are encouraged  to submit studies about regeneration ecology and silviculture in managed and degraded uneven-aged  forests stands aimed to restore their multiaged structures, but also studies about governance for more adaptive forests and landscapes where uneven-aged management might play a relevant role for the continuous provision of ecosystem goods and services.

The due date for submission of abstracts has been extended until 15 July. Final decisions on submitted abstracts (presented for oral presentations or posters) will be informed on 03 August or before.  


All presentations will be in english.

Presentations should be prepared using Microsoft Power Point versions 2010 or 2013 on a Windows 10 platform. People working in an alternative system can use a PDF format for the presentation. Consider building up a 12 min presentation and 3 min for questions from the audience.

Completed presentations can be provided to conference organizers as follows:

Email the completed presentation to Daniel Soto ( on or before Friday, 9 November 2018.

Completed presentations can be given to the staff at the registration table on Monday, November 12 or Tuesday, November 13, on a USB drive.

NOTE: Details are being finalized regarding the publication of manuscripts based on presentations at the meeting in a special issue of the journal Forestry. An update on this will be forthcoming.


Posters should be prepared to fit on a 4-ft x 4-ft (1.2-m x 1.2-m) display board in either portrait or landscape format, as the authors choose. Poster authors are encouraged to bring 1-page miniature posters on 8.5”x11” paper or A5 size paper to share with participants.