Valdivia, Chile 12 NOV–18 NOV 2018

Workshop title:XI International Workshop on Uneven-aged Silviculture: Challenges for increasing adaptability

Uneven-aged silviculture is attracting increased interest due to its positive effects upon carbon sequestration, biodiversity, landscapes, and in its ability to provide a range of goods and services from managed forest ecosystems. However, future uncertainties such as climate change, new pests and diseases and differing societal demands from forests pose a challenge to the adaptability of forest ecosystems. The central question we will explore at this meeting is: Do uneven-aged forests have better options for adaptation to these future changes? In this 11th IUFRO Conference on Uneven-aged Silviculture we expect to deal with the social, cultural, environmental and economic challenges for the implementation of uneven-aged forests in different biomes. For the first time this IUFRO Conference on Uneven-age Silviculture will be held in South America. Its location, in the midst of the Valdivian Temperate Rainforests of Chile and Argentina, is a wonderful place to host the meeting because of its social-ecological context and the diversity and productivity of the forests. We hope to attract a wide range of attendees covering a broad range of scientific disciplines.

Therefore, in this conference we welcome contributions in the following research topics:

  • Regeneration for diverse and adaptive forests
  • Maintenance of long-term vitality and productivity of uneven-aged forests
  • Present and future ecosystem services from uneven-aged silviculture
  • Continuous cover forestry and its role in sustainable landscapes
  • Restoration of forests aiming for uneven-aged management
  • Concepts for future adaptive capacity of uneven-aged forests
  • Governance requirements for adaptive uneven-aged forests.