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At the junction of three major rivers, the oldest austral city in the world appears. Valdivia was founded by the Spanish as a fort in 1552, invaded by Dutch corsairs and inhabited by German settlers. This city, which endured the earthquake and tsunami of 1960, the largest recorded in the history of mankind, today is still standing, to walk, savor and enjoy it.

It is a must to navigate the Calle Calle River, visit the fluvial market that offers the best products of the sea every morning and enjoy the spectacle of sea lions on the Prat waterfront. If you are looking for good cuisine, be sure to try the craft beers, wild boar, raw (Tartars) and chocolates in the area.

The history of Valdivia can be reviewed in its museums; all are in the area of ​​the island Teja. The Carlos Anwanter house is next to Calle Calle and today houses the Van de Maele historical museum, with exhibitions that recall the native peoples of this area and the process of colonization.

On the ruins of the former Anwandter brewery stands the Museum of Contemporary Art, MAC, of ​​modern architecture. You will be impressed by its excellent programming and its location by the river, with a beautiful view at sunset.

Hotel Naguilán
General Lagos 1927
+56 63 2212851
Hotel Puerta del Sur
Los lingues 950, Isla Teja
+56 63 2224500
Hotel Boutique Borderío
Calle General Lagos # 1036 – Valdivia
+56 (63) 2 439150
Hotel Melillanca
Avda. Alemania 675, Valdivia
+56 (63) 2 212509
Hotel encanto del Río
Av. Arturo Prat 415, Costanera – Valdivia
+56 (63) 2224744
Hotel El Castillo de Niebla
Antonio Ducce Nº 750 – Niebla
+ 56 (63) 2 282061


Hostal Felisa
Avenida Ramón Picarte #1193 Interior, Valdivia
+56 (63) 2 287426
Hostal y Cabañas Hettich
Hettich #325, Valdivia
+56 (63) 2 214734
Hostal y Cabañas Borderio
Camilo Henriquez 746, Valdivia
+56 (63) 2 214069
Hostal y Cabañas Internacional
García Reyes 660 – Valdivia
+56 (63) 2 212015
Hostal Totem
Calle Carlos Anwandter #425
+56 (63) 2 292849
Hostal Río de Luna
Avda. Prat #695, Valdivia
+56 (63) 2 253333
Hostal Villa Paulina
Yerbas Buenas 389 – Valdivia
+56 (63) 2 212445
Hostal Entre Ríos
Carlos Anwandter N° 337
+56 (63) 2 259310
Cabañas Star
Picarte 953
+56 (9) 74174913
Cabañas del Abuelo
Playa de los enamorados, Niebla (km 19)
+56 (63) 2 282321
Cabañas Souvenir Niebla
Del Castillo N° 835, Niebla
+56 (9) 96413485
Cabañas Puerto Pelícano
Camino a Niebla Km 8
+56 (63) 2 204481
Cabañas Raitué
General Lagos #1382, Valdivia
+56 (63) 2 21 54 01 www.cabañ
Cabañas Los Alerces
Los Alerces #61, Isla Teja, Valdivia
+56 (63) 2 522411
Cabañas Don Gaspar
Los Pelúes 420, Isla Teja
+56 (63) 2 577575
Cabañas Emanuel
Serrano 990, Valdivia – Chile
+56 (63) 2227840
La Rueda del Chucao
Camino a Niebla km 12
+56 (63) 2 282013
Cabañas Kalfvgen
Camino viejo a Curiñanco km. 7.7
+56 (9) 96413485


La Pizzería de Renzo
Saelzer 40
+56 63 2 347400
La Fuente Valdiviana
Esmeralda 634
+56 63 2200603
RK Medieval Kaffee – Restaurant
Bueras 560 c/Clemente Escobar
+56 63 2215949
Cervecería Calle Calle
Salida Sur de Valdivia Km 2
+56 63 2226925
Murtao Bar Restorant
Saelzer 020 esquina Los Robles, Valdivia
+56 63 2541038
La Cervecería Kunstmann
Ruta T-350 N*950
+56 63 2296969
La Última Frontera
Vicente Pérez Rosales 787
+56 63 223 5363
El Bunker
Avda los Robles 1345
+56 63 224 6644
El Growler
Saelzer 41
+56 (63) 2 22 95 45
Café Haussmann
Libertador Bernardo Ohiggins 394
+56 63 2 213878
Lío Bar
Saelzer 60
+56 63 221 2808
Gohan | Sushi & shrimps
Carampangue 190
+56 63 2 201110
Esmeralda 691
+56 63 2 245353
Velasquez de Cobarrubias 260, Niebla
+56 63 2 282727
Café Palace
Pérez Rosales 580
+56 63 2 213539
5 tenedores
General Lagos 1089
+56 63 2 218000
Yungay 634
+56 63 2 206601
Café Moro
Libertad 174
+56 63 2 239084
Café Cosas Ricas
Pérez Rosales 644
+56 63 2 222470é-Cosas-Ricas


Fluvial Market of Valdivia


One of the most famous places to visit in Valdivia, a traditional market located on Avenida Costanera, next to open green areas on the banks of the Valdivia River.

In the place you can buy different local products, such as seafood, fish, vegetables and other foods. Another attraction is the classic sea lion show approaching the market to feed on the leftovers of fishermen.

Botanical Garden of the Austral University of Chile


Garden located on the University Campus of Isla Teja, one of the tourist places of Valdivia, unmissable for nature lovers, covering an area of ​​approximately 10 hectares where there are at least 950 types of plant species.

Throughout the garden there are numerous paths that run through different types of ecosystems, with typical Valdivian forest species and other areas of aquatic plants along the Cau Cau River. A rich bird life, exotic insects and amphibians complete the attractions of the place.

Saval Park


Also located on Isla Teja, it corresponds to the most important park in the city, a recreational space of 30 hectares located in the old gardens of the Prochelle family, a time of which survive their centuries-old trees and two artificial lagoons covered with lotus flowers.

The park has a varied infrastructure and numerous places of entertainment, housing sculpture areas, lagoons, picnic areas, children’s games and an event center, where cultural fairs or costumbristas are frequently held.

Oncol Park


Natural wonder located 28 kilometers from Valdivia, a reserve of 754 hectares hidden in the Cordillera de la Costa, which allows you to enter the spectacular landscapes of the Valdivian Forest, the only temperate rain forest in South America, considered one of the 34 most Biodiverse of the planet.

The park has several trails and viewpoints, the most spectacular being those on the top of the Oncol hill at 715 meters above sea level, a site with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and at least 9 majestic volcanoes of the Andes mountain range. More information on the park site.

Carlos Andwanter Nature Sanctuary


Sanctuary of Nature originated from the earthquake of 1960, the largest recorded earthquake in history, whose massive force achieved the collapse of extensive riverine areas of the Cruces River, originating a wetland of 6 thousand hectares.

Today you can go on boats leaving the Schuster dock for a part of its 25 kilometers, allowing you to appreciate the uniqueness of a totally flooded landscape, with various structures leaning to the surface. Until the year 2004 in the sanctuary you could also see many examples of black-necked swans, today unfortunately is not possible, after the ecological disaster of the Arauco pulp mill, which reduced the population of these species by 90{88c6270fccd1cefef7629c49a2bff7dd1701ea2c7f1a99195ef1522dd3ed9efb}.

Corral Bay


One of the touristic places of Valdivia, unmissable for lovers of history, a bay at the mouth of the Calle Calle River, which hides the main Spanish fortifications of the so-called castles and forts route of the region, in a beautiful environment that includes islands , Valdivian jungle areas and numerous fishing coves.

Among its main sites of interest are the Fuerte de Corral considered the best preserved fortress in the area, the Fuerte de Amargos and the San Pedro de Alcántara castle on the island of Mancera. Another unforgettable place in the Corral Bay corresponds to the Valdivian Coastal Reserve, a 60,000-hectare private reserve accessible from the town of Chaihuin, with millenary larch forests, endemic flora and fauna and hidden beaches in the Pacific Ocean.

Alerce Costero National Park


Located in the vicinity of the Valdivian Coastal Reserve 90 kilometers from Valdivia, a public national park of 13,000 hectares, where you can appreciate the amazing biodiversity of the Valdivian Forest.

Its main attraction is the Alerce Milenario path, where it is possible to observe a 3,500-year-old Alerce. It is worth noting that to access the park it is advisable to have a high vehicle with double traction, due to the difficulties of the terrain.

Castles and Forts


Another place to visit in Valdivia that is part of the route of the castles and forts of the region, a spa 17 kilometers from the city, famous for hosting the Fuerte de Niebla, also known as Castillo de la Pura and Limpia Concepción of Monfort de Lemus. The site also includes a museum with various exhibitions that allow you to appreciate a panoramic view of the entire fortification complex of the city. More information on the museum site.

The Spa de Niebla is also known for its beautiful beaches and numerous restaurants specializing in fish and seafood. Among them worth mentioning the idyllic Loncollen beach, with its unique pink sands and crystal clear waters.