The meeting will be held in Valdivia, a city of 160,000 inhabitants located 800 km south of Santiago, the capital of Chile. Attendees arriving to Chile by airplane need to take their tickets to Santiago, and from there have to make the connection to Valdivia, which is one hour and 20 minutes from Santiago. The airport in Valdivia (Pichoy, ZAL) is 30 km away from the city, so this last trip has to be done by a rental car, taxi or transfer. Travels should be arranged to arrive to Valdivia on Sunday 11th November. For departure from Valdivia back home, we suggest attendees to take their tickets for Thursday 15th November in case of attending only the conference, and for Monday 19th November in case they are also registered for the Post-conference tour.     

The workshop will be held at Hotel Naguilan (

Valdivia, Chile

University Austral of Chile